Reasons Why Nuffnang Ads Is Not Showing Up: The Hibernating Truth About You, Your Blog and Nuffnang.

I’ve been blogging for almost six solid years in a row and monetized my blog for about one and a half. I joined Nuffnang Philippines after I met their Chief Accountant early months of 2010. It was the first advertiser’s code to land on the face of my blog before Google Adsense. It’s a fact and proven in Blogging Industry that for those bloggers who’s just starting up and having very low traffic, Nuffnang is a hindrance to your monetary goals. Nuffnang don’t show up or not displaying. Reasons Why Nuffnang Ads Is Not Showing Up and no Display

Nuffnang Philippines

That was my first concern. I thought my Nuffnang codes were already dead. I was wrong; it was just in “Hibernating Mode”. I was aiming to beat the “Hibernating Mode” of Nuffnang. I really wanted to know why no ads from Nuffnang are showing up. I studied how Nuffnang works, visited some forums and made some confirmations from Nuffnang’s FAQs before arriving with some conclusions. Reasons Why Nuffnang Ads Is Not Showing Up and no Display

Ghost Town = Your Blog

By simple definition, your blog doesn’t generate enough traffic. Unique Local/International Traffic. Advertising costs serious money to the Advertisers. And it’s fair enough to say that they will not waste every dime of what they invested in your Ghost Town Blog. Reasons Why Nuffnang Ads Is Not Showing Up and no Display


What You Can Do?

Remember that “Viewers fuels this Blogging Industry”. If you’re missing that Cardinal Rule, you must go back to your SEO 101. I am contradicting the saying that the “Content is King”. I can give you tons of website/dumpsite who places #1 in a google search but returns you with garbage contents. Proving that Traffic can override the Content. You can start improving your website by optimizing your keywords and other stuffs. Just remember that Traffic and Content are companions and will boost your traffics, although it’s just part of the whole big picture of your SEO.

The Glitterati Myth Buster.

Glitterati is an exclusive membership from Nuffnang where you only display ads from Nuffnang. No Google Adsense. Infolinks. Kontera. Adverlets and others. Nothing else. Nuffnang serve ads to Glitterati members before the Non-Glitterati members. There is a hierarchy of prioritization. I say this to them, “I don’t care!” It’s not a smart move for your blog to be loyal to them. You have to venture to other sources.

What you Can Do?

Do Nothing. If you prefer to be a Non Glitterati Member, then so be it. Just focus on improving you Website traffic. What will Nuffnang do if your website is generating 2,000 Unique Visitors per day? Advetisements will start to show up. Forget about their Glitterati Membership. If you’re also a member of another CPM Advertising Community, you can gain what you’ve lost in Nuffnang.

Under The Hood.

Nuffnang Ad codes should be placed according to the instruction to work correctly. Tweak some of your settings such as The Show Global CPC/CPA Ads.

What You Can Do?

Go back to your account in Nuffnang and check few things. The code and The Show Global CPC/CPA Ads. Check your codes from Nuffnang. Inspect if you properly posted those codes in the correct position of your index.php or html file. Also enabling the Show CPC/CPA ads lets Nuffnang ads be displayed regardless of the location of traffic of your unique visitors. If you still have the premade downloaded for free templates, you must choose wisely for the most attractive and neat blog.


Do Some Scouting.

Visit other Nuffnang Users if they are displaying Nuffnang Ads.

What You Can Do?

If you saw some ads displayed on other Nuffnang Users, then there’s an available Advertisers in the inventory of Nuffnang. It’s just your not lucky enough to be picked. What you can do is to be patient. You don’t have to complain. It’s useless. Instead of ranting, try to analyze what’s wrong with your blog. Consider what I have written above.

If saw nothing displayed, then it’s not you. It’s Nuffnang’s fault. Nuffnang can’t offer you anything. There are no Advertisers in the inventory which is bad for business.


Remember that the root cause of the absence of the Nuffnang Ads in your blog is the traffic you are generating or if not, it has a big impact on this issue. The more unique visitors you have the more the chance Nuffnang will notice you and give you their Ads. It’s a Win – Win situation not only for your Nuffnang and but also with your Advertisements.

Well, that’s all that I have! Enjoy blogging!

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