A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising Community A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising Community

A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising CommunityWe’ve been using Nuffnang Review as our secondary online advertising provider for quite some time now. One year and five months now, to be specific in using this online advertising that caters to the commercial advertisers. Nuffnang works differently compared to its international competitors. One year and five months of observation on how this online advertising works and how it moves and to make a Nuffnang Review. And to summarize all of our experiences, we’ve written down the facts that can help you to review Nuffnang online advertising community.

A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising Community


We never encountered any issue with the registration with this online advertising network. If you managed to register an account in Facebook then you can easily register an account in Nuffnang. All you need is your personal information and a valid email address and you’re ready with your online advertising.



Glitterati Membership

As a default, you are registered as a Glitterati Member. You’ll just forfeit the membership if you carry another competing online advertising community such as Google Adsense, Adbrite and others.



“An Exclusive Nuffnanger is a Nuffnang blogger who has NO advertisements from, mentions of, or links to other ad networks originating from SEA, or any ad networks we deem as competitors on his/her blog.”

Behind those standard definition of Nuffnang about their Glitterati membership, we are carrying Google Adsense and Adbrite right now and I’m still a Glitterati member. Something is wrong with their system, I think.


It provides not that real time monitoring of your blog’s unique visitors and blog views. Although it’s an hour late before it gets published to the Analytics section of the Nuffnang Website. But at least you get to monitor your website every hour about its progress.

It also brings a pie chart which can show you the geographic sources of the visitors of your website where it came from. It has also a Keyword monitoring tool that can be used to see the keywords used before landing to your webpage. This tool can be very helpful in planning your online advertising strategy. Unfortunately, it is only capable of displaying the top ten (10) keywords used. You can also trace the Referring websites that help the visitors arrive to your page. we never used this portion, we prefer Google Analytics because we find it very reliable.

There’s no reason to get excited for the first three. Those are the basic anatomy of an Online Advertising Community. But the next items should be paid attention carefully.

Ad Units

Placement of ads is really not hard. You just have to copy and paste their code in the specific places of your blog and that’s it. If you have basic skills in HTML, then you can easily do it. If not, you can just follow what’s in the tutorial on how to place Nuffnang codes which you can easily locate on their website.

The availability of the ads is limited. This is the annoying feature of Nuffnang. Their ads are not available 24/7 to the publisher of this online advertising community. Compared to Adsense that is available anytime, Nuffnang shows its ads whenever the online advertisers wants to. This is also one of the biggest factor why most of the bloggers of the Nuffnang Online Advertising Community can’t generate enough income from them.

In times of the unavailability of online advertising in your blog or website, Nuffnang lets you carry their default banner. To be honest, those little banners really irritates me. It gives us sore eyes every time we see it. Our website is capable of displaying three (3) Nuffnang ads which is supposed to display three Nuffnang banners. Luckily, we found a way to hide or remove those Nuffnang Banners.

To be fair to Nuffnang, we just leave their sidebar banner so that anyone can recognize me as a Nuffnang user and to pay some respect. : )


Nuffnang offers two types of ads: Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impressions.

Cost per Click methods makes you earn every time your visitor clicks on the Nuffnang ads. If our theory is correct and based on our observations, one click of the Nuffnang Ads under CPC Campaign costs Php 10.00. You decide if Php10.00 is low or just enough for you.

A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising Community - Cost Per Click

While Cost per Impressions is totally based on the impressions generated by your website or blog when the CPM Ads is displayed. This means that if the CPM ads is intended to be displayed from 6AM – 10AM every weekdays, your impressions will be calculated from that 4 hours.
The disappointing truth behind the CPM is it works only with those website high traffics. But if you don’t have a website that can generate at least 1000 per day, then you’ll generate a very low income earned which you can see in the “Buffered Earnings”. The cost per impression rate is still unknown to the users of this online advertising. Compared to the other CPM networks which boasts their CPM rate as $5.00 per 1,000 CPM.

A Nuffnang Review: The Online Advertising Community - Cost Per Impression

Take this as an example: If Nuffnang’s CPM rate is Php 1,000 and you generate 50 visitors between the time of 6AM – 10AM. How much did you earn? Php1,000 / 1000 unique visitors = Php1 x 50 visitors of your website = Php50? Again, you decide if that’s just enough for you. What do you think?

The Rule on Invalid Clicks

If you’re using Google Adsense online advertising , I’m really sure you’re familiar with the phrase “Invalid Clicks”. To make it simple:

Invalid clicks are clicks generated by a publisher clicking on his own ads, a publisher encouraging clicks on his ads, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software.

And if Google caught you, your account will be suspended forever and ban your name for a lifetime. Well, that’s Google. Fortunately, Nuffnang online advertising is not that strict on that. I’ve heard many bloggers clicking their own ads. But I’m not recommending it. If Nuffnang is very strict about this policy then many of the publishers of this online advertising community got banned already. So be thankful! : )

Community, Contests and Prizes

Nuffnang online advertising has a very unique feature that gives them a notch higher against the others. First is the live and active Community of Nuffnang and second is the Contest and Perks for the bloggers. To be honest, we’re not active with the Nuffnang Activities they organized. We just saw it in their website. If I’m not mistaken, Nuffnang held its annual Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They also organized local meet ups and events, if you’re interested socializing with your fellow Nuffnangers.

Nuffnang have been generous last year. They have been giving their online advertising community tons of gadgets and freebies as the prize on the contest they organized. The last contest we saw was a photo/blog contest by Colgate, the winner got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in winning the contest. And as a much as we wanted to join, our laziness prevents me to. Lol.

So, there you have it! Join up if you want to! I think I’ve covered the important facts about Nuffnang. If you find something that I missed and want to add anything, just hit the comment section.

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