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Download Philhealth Contribution Table

Here is a copy of the Philhealth Contribution Table post taken from the official Philhealth website. If you are looking to make a computation based in the monthly salary credit and year of compensation, you may use this table. For other Philhealth online inquiry needs, use our search box feature below.

You can use this Philhealth Contribution Table to compute for your Monthly Philhealth Deduction and to verify if its correct. You can get the Philhealth Contribution Table here:

Philhealth Contibution Download


Download the Latest SSS Contribution Table

Download The Latest SSS Contribution Table here!

For public information purposes, SSS provided the SSS Contribution Table for its members. This SSS Contribution table will help the members to be well informed and educated with regards to the SSS Contributions deducted from their monthly salary. We can all agree that this is the latest SSS Contribution Table since there is no modification made in the SSS Contribution Table from the previous year.

As we all know, SSS Contribution Table is used by the companies to determine your monthly SSS Deductions. And as a doubting Employee/Member of SSS, you are entitled to know how did your company arrive at a certain amount that was deducted from your precious salary with the help of SSS Contribution Table.

May I now present you, The Latest SSS Contribution Table:

Download The Latest SSS Contribution Table

Download the SSS Contribution Table in Excel Format here:

Download the Latest SSS Contribution Table Excel format by clicking this link



Download the SSS Contribution Table in PDF Format here:

Download the Latest SSS Contribution Table PDF format by clicking this link.



Here’s a very helpful tutorial on How to compute your monthly SSS Contribution Deduction using the SSS Contribution Table.

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Postal ID Issues

i am in bulacan but called Central Post Office in Lawton to get a Postal ID and if how much in getting a postal ID …they said its 175Php..but when i called valenzuela it is around 400+ and i asked the management why is it there is no standard amount of getting a postal ID, she told me it depends on notarial process..

Postal ID Philippines

POSTAL ID PHILIPPINES verifies the existence and residence of the recipient which is useful when you receive a postal money order, mailed check payment or other tangible items sent though the post office. You can also use this ID as primary or secondary ID for employment, opening bank account, NBI Clearance, Passport application and so on. To apply for a postal ID, go to the nearest PhilPost Office in your area or any Local Post Office of your zip code.


1. Duly Notarized POSTAL ID PHILIPPINES Application Form No. 391

2. 3 Identical Passport size picture (1 1/2″ x 2″) with white background. One attached to your application form and the other for your ID and the other for their own records.

3. Original Copy of your NSO

4. CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage for Girls.



How can i verify my sss contribution?

How to check your Sss Contribution balance inquiry update is easy as one two three. You can check your sss contribution inquiry balance here.

It’s very easy, you just have to know your SSS Number. I have a simple step by step guide about this in my blog on how to verify your Static Information, Employment History, your Total SSS Contributions and also the balance of your SSS Short Term Loan. You just have to register a My.SSS Account. To do this, you can check out my tutorial by accessing the links below:

You can also print a copy of those information. After you registered your account, log in and check out your contribution or loan balance and click the “PRINTABLE VERSION/MODE” at bottom of the page. The website will load an new format that can be easily printed.

You also need the employer’s sss number to register an account.

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How to get postal ID in the philippines? what are the requirements?

Today, I learned How to get postal ID in the Philippines, What are the Postal ID Requirements and others stuffs about postal ID.

I got to read the tutorial on how to get a postal id.

A postal Id is a government issued Id thus is acceptable by banks and government agencies.

You can get a postal Id from the bigger post office like in Manila or Makati.

To get a postal Id, you need a barangay clearance. The fee charged by the barangay for the clearance varies. In our barangay, you must pay one hundred pesos.

Since I live in a residential subdivision, the barangay requires a clearance from the President of the Homeowner Association ( HA ) where my house is located. The fee for a HA clearance varies. In my HA, its one hundred pesos.

The post office charges seventy pesos for the Id.
You have to provide four identical photos – 2×2 and 1×1.

Have a nice day !

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